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0-3 Month Essentials

Wow, I can’t believe my number 3 is almost 4 months! Time is flying and I’ve found myself wondering how my newborn has become a baby in such a short time. He’s moving into a new stage of development, so I thought I’d share some of my favorite products this time around. I know tons of you are pregnant or are just entering the newborn life, so here’s what I would recommend! Snuggle Me – This has been...

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Meet the Sea of Smiles Team

  We are so lucky to have amazing pediatric dentists in our area, and one of them is Sea of Smiles. They are located outside of Hyde Park in Anderson on Nagel Road. an amazing partner to Hyde Park Moms and I thought it would be good to introduce you to their team and office! They are super involved in the community and are constantly giving back to their patients with monthly giveaways and quarterly referral contests. Get to know...

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Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

BaubleBar Earrings I love the price point on these and they are perfect for Spring Summer season! Lake Pajamas I may have sent the link to these to my husband last night 🙂 Softest PJs around -Size up because they shrink a tad in the wash. Mitchell’s Salon Gift Card Can’t beat their Mother’s Day sale! $80 for $100 gift cards, plus many more options! Where the Crawdads Sing from Jospeh Beth The HOT read right now. JB also has tons of...

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Rainbow Craft from @rubyandfrances

It’s back! Another craft from the creative Mom behind @rubyandfrances – Perfect for St. Patrick’s Day and Spring time! I used an old pampers box and cut out the rainbow shapes. Then scraps of felt, fabric, ribbon, yarn, paper, anything lying around in rainbow colors. If you had a kid working on cutting they could help with this step, but I just did it quickly the night before. I used mostly 1 inch pieces but the size doesn’t...

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Our Experience with Melatonin and Toddlers

Just like many of you, my toddler was struggling to fall asleep and would wake up multiple times during the night wanting Mommy to lay down and stay in her bed. She would only fall asleep if I was next to her laying in her bed. She seemed anxious about falling asleep on her own. She was overly tired during the day and naps were hit or miss depending on our schedules and her energy levels. I wasn’t getting much sleep because Mommy is...

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3 Valentines Crafts from Hyde Park Mom, Lindsey

If you’re not following @rubyandfrances you are missing OUT! Lindsey, Mom of Ruby and Frances, is one of the most creative people I know! She’s even got her own sewing machine and she actually uses it 🙂 She recently posted about her Valentine’s DIY crafts and I wanted to share with all of you. You can also follwer her and find her “projects” highlights on stories to see more detail on these crafts! These are simple to...

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