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Wow, I can’t believe my number 3 is almost 4 months! Time is flying and I’ve found myself wondering how my newborn has become a baby in such a short time. He’s moving into a new stage of development, so I thought I’d share some of my favorite products this time around. I know tons of you are pregnant or are just entering the newborn life, so here’s what I would recommend!

    • Snuggle Me – This has been amazing for William and sleep. We’ve recently taken him out of it because he’s rolling onto his side (HOW?!), but for the first 3 months it kept him sleeping consistently 10-12 hours a night in his bassinet. I swore that sleep would be a priority for us since I have to function at the speed of two toddlers and this saved us! I moved the other two into a crib after 6 weeks, but I just couldn’t do it yet with my last baby. I like how they are flat on their backs, but have a little extra comfort to keep them calm all night.
    • Magnetic Me Onesies from Castle House – Why didn’t I use these with the other two?! I love all of their patterns and prints and it’s just so much easier that buttons and snaps.
    • Rohm Travel Sound Machine – We need about 5 of these for each of us now! Best sound machine that puts him (and my whole family) to sleep in minutes. Get it!
    • Haaka – I only breastfed for a month (Do what you can!), but during that time, this contraption was awesome for getting extra milk while nursing on the other side.
    • Ollie Swaddle – If you’re looking to invest in a really good swaddle, this is it! He never broke out of it and it didn’t make him sweaty like the Halo does sometimes. It’s one size, so you won’t need to buy a second one. I will say, I probably won’t be using this anymore though because he is already rolling on his side.
    • Taking Cara Babies – Thanks to my friend and neighbor who just has a third baby a few weeks before me, she let me log into her online classes. Thank goodness because I need a little refresher on how to swaddle and calm down baby for sleep. Would recommend if you’re new to motherhood, or you’ve been out of the baby game for a few years!
    • Baby Brezza – Once I knew I was not going to make it much longer breastfeeding, I invested in this immediately and it is the best thing. It’s like a Nespresso for formula. It’s made the process of getting a bottle a million times easier! Highly recommend.
    • Mams Bottles and pacifiers – Before we used the Dr. Browns and Como Tomos (I still like these). I decided to give these a try because I heard they don’t leak, and it’s true! Such a pet peeve of mine especially if you’re using a bottle for every feeding. Not as easy to clean as the Como Tomo, but great quality.
    • Babo Face and Hand Wipes – This sweet little guy has some seriously clogged tear ducts making his eyes pretty crusty. These wipes are super gentle and do the job at getting off those little suckers from his eyes. Great for the big kids too!
    • LouLou & Company Swaddles and Hat – Softest swaddles and blanket we own! The hat is super cute and stayed on his head well.
    • Copper and Pearl Swaddles – these are great if you do the old fashion swaddle every night! They have a good stretch but stay tight making it hard for baby to move much (that’s a good thing!). William loved them and now they are used as blankets and burpees when in a pinch.


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