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Sheila is a friend and fellow Hyde Park Mom who likes to get seriously creative – something we always need a little more help with these days!  I called on her to share this hilarious Quarantine Jar for your Elf. Take some pressure off hiding that little guy for 14 days as he quarantines from his long journey to your house (too good). Get to know more about this fantastic Mom and learn how to make an Elf Quarantine Jar! Happy Holidays, Mamas!


Tell us about yourself! 

Hi, I’m Sheila – married mom of two and new-ish to Cincinnati.  I love blazers and big earrings and coffee and wine.  And drinking coffee until it’s time for wine.  Kidding! (Sort of). 

I’m a retired Philly Realtor turned mortgage and title business developer in Cincy.  I run social media for @mortgagecountry and @authenticlandtransfer – come say hi on Instagram and Facebook! 

I’m incredibly proud of these organizations for two reasons: 1) We have the best-in-market product for purchases and refinances and 2) we set out to change the way our industry operates, by running on a 100% digital platform.  We reinvest money from every transaction into our local communities through client-chosen social causes. I am a BIG advocate of shopping and supporting local so the social giving aspect of the business is near and dear to my heart. Hyde Park Moms was beyond helpful for me locally when we moved here. Meggie always has the best recommendations!

How many kiddos do you have? Names and ages?

Sophie is 8 and George is 5 


Favorite Elf hiding place (besides a 14 day quarantine)?

Mom confession: I am terrible with the elf. Ours, named Broccoli – yep like the vegetable – moves (most) nights and that’s about it.  I have a Pinterest board full of elf ideas and have never done a single one – ha!  

We do like hiding him in the tree.  He usually ends up there a few times. 


Do you have any fun Christmas traditions to share?

I always love Christmas Eve mass.  It feels magical.  And I love any opportunity to put my kids in matching holiday clothes and Christmas Eve is always our fancy night.  I don’t know how much longer they will agree to match but I bet I can stretch the Christmas pajamas out a few more years.  

Like everyone, our Christmas season will be way different this year.  I think a new tradition might come out of it though: I ordered a 6’ fake tree for just the kids to decorate however they want, so this year we will have two trees and I kind of can’t wait to see it.  

Elf Quarantine Jar

I am a Martha Stewart wannabe, except I can’t cook or keep plants alive so sometimes I craft.  And sometimes it’s awful and sometimes it’s cute.  So here’s a cute one.  If the first two weeks of our elf can be stationary then SIGN. ME. UP.  (No more middle of the night panic attacks for forgetting to move it, amiright?)  

Tell your kids the elf has to quarantine for 14 days upon arrival to your state and boom👊 #momwin. This is so easy and you probably already have 99% of this stuff in your house. 

Mason jar
Small Christmas tree (Target dollarspot!)
Cap from anything in your bathroom
Old lip balm or mini spray bottle
Glue gun
Construction paper
Needle and thread
Box cutter or x-acto knife
Clorox and Lysol containers

This picture has everything I thought I might need or use. *you don’t need everything here!*

The assembly parts are easy – I promise.  For the mask I used a strip of blue construction paper and folded in thirds – hot gluing along the way – then cut it to size.  I threaded a regular sewing needle with red string and used that to make the mask strings. Pull the strings behind the elf’s head and tie or use a dab of hot glue.

Use the box cutter/x-acto knife to slice the part of a Lysol and Clorox container where you can see the logo.  Then wrap it around the cap, lip balm, spray bottle, or toilet paper roll and hot glue it.  Safety PSA: don’t go after an aerosol can with a box cutter, k?  Ain’t nobody got time for a trip to the emergency room right now.

Back to it: the lid can be left as is, painted, or even covered in fabric or wrapping paper.  I grabbed one ball jar lid that comes apart as two pieces, painted the flat center and got impatient waiting for it to dry. (Not surprising if you know me!) So I found an old bow tie of my son’s and cut it open to use the fabric, pulled it tight while hot gluing it along the way.

Shove everything in the jar – literally.  I even threw in a pine cone for good measure.  Then you can sit back and relax and enjoy your #momwin in the peace and quiet the roaming elf eyes (occasionally) bring us.

Have questions about elves, blazers, or mortgages? Come find me on Instagram and Facebook @mortgagecountry.

(Also please send your favorite places for take out – see above re: terrible cook)

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