Rainbow Craft from @rubyandfrances | Hyde Park Moms

It’s back! Another craft from the creative Mom behind @rubyandfrances – Perfect for St. Patrick’s Day and Spring time!

I used an old pampers box and cut out the rainbow shapes. Then scraps of felt, fabric, ribbon, yarn, paper, anything lying around in rainbow colors. If you had a kid working on cutting they could help with this step, but I just did it quickly the night before. I used mostly 1 inch pieces but the size doesn’t matter.

I also grabbed some rainbow paint pallets when we were at Home Depot for their workshops. The girls have been loving using this ($8ish with coupon?) star cutter. I like that it’s really safe and easy for the girls to use but no safety concern (watch, I’m sure next time we use it they’ll find a way to hurt themselves). BUT frannie saw it sitting out with the supplies and got so excited, so our activity started early.

Next we painted the rainbows –  I put a clear tray underneath. We are currently obsessed with these “Kwik stix” mess free, fast drying paint markers. They’re unreal. I love the mess free, fast drying and that they work well on non paper surfaces like wood or cardboard but the girls are totally obsessed with them too… not sure why?! But highly recommend. Not sponsored just in love 😂
We did this step so that the girls would have a basic idea of where to put the colors when it was time to glue. But we also did this step because it afforded us another cup of coffee in silence.

Then we used glue sticks and regular Elmer’s glue to attach everything. Some in a rainbow. Some not.

Finished off with some poms in top!

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