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Let’s talk about inspiring women for a moment. Meet Kayla and her Mom, Melanie. These two are taking a leap and starting their own business together called Milk’d Nutrition. They are on a mission to provide all stages of motherhood with nutrition support from start to finish. Not only are there yummy food products you can purchase, but they provide consultations and services to help you find a healthy lifestyle during this wild season of life. I recently did an interview with Kayla (the cutest) and here’s what she had to say about this new venture!

What drives your passion for healthy living and nutrition?

My passion and interest in healthy living comes mostly from what I enjoy doing in my personal life — I love the feeling I get from cooking + eating well and pairing that with physical activity & good movement, and I truly love sharing this passion with others to help them enjoy the same benefits. My very first “adult” job was community-based nutrition and cooking classes for individuals of all ages — I discovered early from this point, that I loved the hands-on nature of outreach health education and getting people to experience new things by trying them in a comfortable environment — which is exactly what I hope to build here with Milk’d! A space for young women and mothers that are engaged and educated talking about breastfeeding, feeling and being healthy during pregnancy, and fostering healthy relationships with food throughout the whole process.

How did you come up with the idea to start Milk’d?

Milk’d nutrition was born (pun intended, of course) from a group of things I had already been doing in different capacities and decided it was time to bring them together under one company. Even before I received my Lactation Counselor Certification this past spring, I had been working with mothers out in the community and doing research and a focused area of study in the prenatal arena since graduate school and my thesis in this same subject matter.
Additionally, for years, I had been baking different types of cookies and baked goods for friends as they had their babies and always heard “oh my gosh these are so good!” “what’s your recipe?” “can I get another batch??”… I had always just had a knack in the kitchen (thanks to my mom!) that I didn’t think much of it, but I also started to realize that these types of services are so needed here and are at a time when families, moms especially, have very little free time. At this point, I realized there was a need for this specifically in the greater Cincinnati market and wanted to be a part of making this company focused on not only providing balanced and delicious nutrition for mothers, but spreading the conversation about the positive impact of breastfeeding here and beyond.

What types of products do you provide? Are there services too?

Yes to both! The basis of what we’re about is being a comprehensive set of services and products to cover any and all bases for soon-to-be and new moms.
Services start during pregnancy to provide a prenatal nutrition assessment (advice and plans on what foods to consume/avoid when pregnant) in addition to an initial breastfeeding class to provide information to a mom before she has her baby. Both of these services can be provided virtually or in-home. Following birth and returning from the hospital, I’m available for extended visits at home to assess feeds and provide assistance when there is trouble or any questions. At this time as well, I can be consulted for guidance with lactation nutrition meal guidance or plans to transition back to a pre-pregnancy eating pattern. Products include our signature muffin cups (basically like little cookie cups!), brownie and energy bites, lactation smoothie mix (which can also be used for overnight oats!), and nut butter (almond and peanut). These individual products can also be combined to form gift boxes to serve as a gift, baby shower present, or welcome home surprise for a new mom!

What are some good tips for new Moms who are about to have a baby? How can they prepare themselves for breastfeeding?

Be open with your questions!! It’s okay not to know, it’s nothing like you’ve ever done before and the worst thing you can do is not ask. But also trust yourself and trust your body — our bodies are so smart and designed to do this (as are our babies to know how to do it). So try not to overthink it, especially those first couple of times, and allow things to naturally happen as they should! Assistance is available in the hospital so don’t be shy at all to ask for it. Further, connect with other mothers who have done the same (especially before returning to work) to know that you’re not alone and you’re doing a wonderful thing for your baby and for yourself!

How can Moms order products or sign up for a lactation session with you?

Through our website! Products are for sale up on our shop page and I accept email orders if that’s easiest, too! also has a contact page that you could submit an order or special request through — if there’s a flavor or combination that’s not listed that you’d like to try, let us know and we’ll do our best to make it happen 🙂 Our contact page is also where you can request a consultation or via email to [email protected]

Why are your products different than any others out there?

Our products are very similar to my philosophy and match my approach to nutrition — real food, good balance, simple, and delicious. They’re made in small batches and our recipes have been tested and perfected by my mom, chef mel!, with love and care! Not only do they taste good and have benefits to mothers, but all members of your family will want to eat them (I can attest!!). We also have one of the only lactation nut butters on the market which is an exceptionally easy and quick way to weave the galactogogues into any meal or snack!

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