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Kicking off our Small Business Saturday series is a truly inspiring young man who is just graduating from Indian Hill High School! He’s got big plans for his business and plans on getting there by honoring his mission of delivering quality service a “Step Above” anyone else. Speaking from experience, he is fantastic at his job!

Tell us about you! Where are you from in Cincinnati and where did you go to highschool?

My name is Cameron Macke, I am currently a senior at Indian Hill highschool and almost finished! I grew up on the west side of Cincinnati in lower price hill and then moved over to Indian Hill at the start of my freshman year. What a difference!


Tell us about Step Above Detailing!

Step Above Detailing is a fully mobile detailing service that is ready to tackle any job you can throw at us, all from the comfort and convenience of your own home! (or wherever else you want us to come) I started this business the summer of my sophomore year working out of the back of my truck. Now I have grown to need 6 employees, three trailers, and two trucks! Part of why I think we are so successful is in the name, “Step Above.” From the beginning I always wanted to deliver the highest quality services at a much more convenient level than other detailers in our area. Still to this day I make sure each employee is trained so they know exactly how to make a vehicle up to my expectations so that quality is never sacrificed. 


What’s the pricing for your services?

Our pricing ranges greatly depending on the service you choose but generally for a full detail on a vehicle you’re looking at a ballpark of $300.00. Our pricing is very competitive with others in the area especially when you consider the fact that we come to you and really do strive to deliver the best quality service!

Link to service list and details


What did you do before opening the business and when did you open the doors on Step Above here in Cincinnati?

I’ve worked many different jobs but I grew up always working on vehicles with my grandfather in his auto body shop so I’ve worked around cars almost my whole life. My first true job was a bicycle mechanic at Bishop’s Bicycles in downtown milford, then after about a year there I was busy enough with this business to be able to quit and focus on growing Step Above. I started this business around July in 2018 and ran it through the rest highschool up until now!


Favorite thing about being a business owner, specifically catering to mamas to be?

By far my favorite part of being an entrepreneur is getting to see all your hard work pay off as the business continues to grow and show success as well as interacting with people. I’ve met so many amazing people and made so many great connections over the past two years! I also always enjoy delivering my customers a perfect vehicle, they are always thrilled with our results.


We’re giant advocates for supporting local! Tell us how the Hyde Park/Cincinnati community has gotten you where you are now.

So many people have helped spread the word about us, Whether it is a social media post, or just simple word of mouth, that always helps so much especially in specific communities. 


Future plans for your business?

I would like to grow step above into one large business that can take care of just about any service for your home and vehicle. I have already started the next branch which is a residential and commercial pressure washing service and that is already showing signs of great success! I will be attending college at UC starting in the fall though so I will continue to grow this business to pay my way through college as well!


Best advice for anyone wanting to open their own business?

First, find something you truly have a passion for. Then just go for it, don’t stop or let anything hold you back from what you want to do. Make mistakes but don’t make the same one twice. As long as you learn as you go and put your all into it you will succeed! 


What’s been your biggest challenge in opening and running your own business?

Finding good workers, along with learning how to manage all the different aspects of a business while still working everyday. 


What’s one thing you’d like to go back and tell the you who launched into entrepreneurship?

I would have told myself how involved and time consuming running a business is. I love every bit of it but it is definitely something I didn’t know being a sophomore in highschool.


Who most inspires you in business or entrepreneurship?

There are many different people I look up to in business, it’s hard to pick just one person as many of my closer clients are people I look up to because of their success in what they have done. 


How do you balance being a business owner and your busy life?

With the business growing so much at the moment and being so busy, balance is something I am struggling with at the moment.  I do make sure I take time off though because you do not want to burn yourself out, and I value spending time with my friends and family considering I am only 18 doing all of this. 


Any special, sales, or deals our Hyde Park Moms can look out for?

If you find us from the Hyde Park Moms page we are offering an exclusive discount of 10% for scheduling two or more vehicles


For more info on Step Above, be sure to visit their website and follow along with them on social media!

Social Media Channels:

Facebook – @StepAboveDetailing

Instagram – @StepAboveDetailing

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