Meet Rachel | Hyde Park Moms

What’s your favorite thing about living in Hyde Park?  

The walkability and energy of the neighborhood! I love being able to walk to Coffee Emporium, the Observatory, and Graeters. And I love the constant activity around us. Folks are always out jogging, biking, and walking a stroller or dog. Kids are always outside playing. I often find Meggie’s kids in our yard (we’re next-door neighbors!) or leaving little trinkets for my kids. This makes my heart so full! 


Child(ren) and Age(s)? 

Mila – 6

Levi – almost 4


Favorite things to do with your kids around town (can be outside of HP)?  

Mt Lookout Swim Club! It’s a great facility, laid-back and friendly. We like to go early on the weekends and my husband and I take turns swimming with the kids and reading the Sunday paper (such a luxury!). We also do the tennis clinics, which are super fun and a fantastic workout. I can’t wait for warmer weather!


Do you have a favorite local store, fitness class or restaurant and why?

Please in Over the Rhine. The food is creative (seriously like art) and caters really well to vegetarians, which we are. Also, the wine is unlike anything else you can find in Cincinnati. I especially love the women’s winemaker list. Another local favorite is Fern, which just opened a store in Walnut Hills. Go and prepare to be inspired.


Are you involved in a business venture, a local organization, a creative endeavor, or in the corporate world? Please share!  

Yes, thanks for asking! I am an attorney and partner at Essig & Evans, LLP ( and, a boutique Family and Fertility law firm. My practice is exclusively Fertility Law, which means I counsel clients from the United States and around the world on family building through surrogacy as well as egg, sperm, and embryo donation. My clients are intended parents and gestational carriers, recipients and donors, married and single, and of all sexual orientations. The firm also represents clients in divorce, custody, and adoption. I post about Fertility Law (and other musings) on Instagram at @FertilityLawAttorney. I love connecting on Instagram so please say hello!  

I also am on the Board of Directors of the Jewish Fertility Foundation, which offers emotional support, financial assistance, and educational awareness for those going through infertility. I brought the organization from Atlanta to Cincinnati and am very proud of the work we have done. Infertility sucks and is not something folks have to go alone.

How has this community been instrumental in getting you to where you are now?

I don’t know where I would be without my local mom (and parent) groups! They are THE best source of information about pretty much anything and everything. And it’s nice to have a community that is living through many of the same things as you. 


Tips for Balancing it all? Motherhood, career, family and social life?

Eliminate, automate, delegate.  

I look at time as my greatest resource and am very thoughtful and organized about how I spend it. To that end, I’ve learned to prioritize the things I care about and to let go of the things that are less important to me.  Wherever possible, I use technologies and systems to increase efficiencies (I’m looking at you Target Drive Up and Calendly). I’ve also recognized I’m not the best person to do all the things that need to get done. I lean on others and their expertise a lot, both professionally and personally. 


What is the best advice you have received as a mom? 

My mother-in-law often reminds me that there’s very little I could do to really mess my kids up. I’m not sure this is true, but, especially during COVID, I really really appreciate it.


Tried and True kid’s products?

This winter, we invested in base layers and good, waterproof boots for our kids from REI. We’re really trying to channel the notion of no bad weather days. We’re at the Kilgour playground and hiking area trails a lot. 

For other great ideas for keeping my kids busy, I turn to my best friend’s incredible books and crafts Instagram account @StoryBookArtforKids. I don’t know how she comes up with all these projects – she’s brilliant! 


One thing you couldn’t live without as a Mom?

My husband (I know, I know, not a “thing”) and my Peloton. Both keep me sane! Oh, and wine.

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