Meet Logan | Hyde Park Moms

What’s your favorite thing about Hyde Park?  
I love the walkability. I’m sure that is a common answer, but taking the kids on a walk through the streets to grab a snack & coffee, always coffee! : ) and look at the beautiful homes, both new & old, makes for a great morning. There are also so many locally owned boutiques to shop & support, which I love as well! 
Children and Ages?
Poppy 22 months
William 2 months

Favorite things to do with your kids around town (can be outside of HP)?  
Poppy loves animals & loves being outside, so for us parks, the zoo & aquarium are fan favorites. We even went to Dicks on a rainy day for my husband & Poppy loved the putting ‘test’ area & the life-size plastic deer in the hunting section – sometimes you just have to get creative with your outings! 
Do you have a favorite local store, fitness class or restaurant and why?
For my kids, I love Spotted Goose. Poppy plays in water or dirt on a daily basis so for my toddler style aspirations haha & her activity level they have an amazing selection of functional fashion for the littles. For me, I love Ossie & Outfit Active. Finding a unique staple piece from Ossie for the rare kidless night out, or the ‘fancy’ workout  / mom uniform from Outfit Active are my guilty pleasures. The power of new yoga pants! I swear they can instantly make my hair feel cleaner. For fitness, Pure Barre & Define Spinning make those yoga pants fit even better! I have never found a workout as fun as a Define Spin class – those music mixes make the class fly by! And I owe Pure Barre for my semi-speedy recoveries after each baby. I worked out my entire pregnancies because of their classes having so many modifications they made it possible. With William I had a C-Section (ouch!) but I really think Pure Barre helped my recovery in so many ways.  
Are you involved in a business venture, a local organization, a creative endeavor, or in the corporate world? Please share!  
I work at Mitchell’s Salon & Day Spa officially as their Marketing Vice President, but my mom started Mitchell’s 36 years ago so I grew up within those walls, getting pedicures before my feet could reach the bowl & trying my hand at the shampoo bowls with my friends while my mom snuck in some office time. They are my 2nd family. Working alongside so many strong & talented working moms really helped me power through coming back to work after Poppy was born. 

How has this community been instrumental in getting you to where you are now?
Cincinnati is such a small town in so many ways. I feel like I’m always finding connections amongst new people, especially now having kids & meeting new parents through school. We all stick together & help out when needed which I love about our city & the values we instill. I also have really found local businesses are always willing  to collaborate together. Being a part of a local business myself, I am always up for helping out another local business however I can. It’s important to support local! 
Tips for Balancing it all? Motherhood, career, family and social life?
 Gosh, not all days are easy! I have found organization & post it’s keep me sane & remind me of my to-do’s. When I have office days, I try to leave my work there when I come home until after bedtime to ensure I have quality, uninterrupted time with my kids everyday. Coffee also helps. Funny how I never drank coffee until kids – now it’s its own food group! My social life is now mostly play dates, but I love watching my friends’ kids create friendships with my kids. It will make for some fun vacations in a few years! And I still get girltime, just with a few littles running around as we catch up between bottles, snacks, paci requests – you know, the list could go on forever! 

What is the best advice you have received as a mom? 
During those trying times, to take a deep breath & remind yourself this is just a phase & to shall pass. Some say one day you’ll miss these moments too, but I’m not sure I’ll miss ALL the tantrum moments because she can’t go outside in the freezing rain or have a Hershey Kiss for breakfast. 
Tried and True kids product? 
Each kid has taught me something. For Poppy, Mam bottles saved my life when I went back to work & she refused to take a bottle. After trying what seems like 102 bottles, Mam was the winner & helped my hair to stop falling out from stress! For William, the Ollie swaddle has been the only swaddle he sleeps soundly in. He went from basically sleeping on me (I know! It was survival!) to only waking 1, maybe 2 times a night & sleeping soundly in his bassinet between stretches. For what appears to be a stretchy blanket with velcro, it was worth every penny! 

One thing you can’t live without as a Mom?
Besides coffee, yoga pants & the portable snack shacks for car rides (and maybe wine) I’d say my work out classes. They keep me sane & able to keep up with my ever running almost 2 year old – where does she get this energy! 

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