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Letter Recognition at Home – Recommended by YOU!

One of the reasons I love this job so much is that I get to connect with so many amazing Moms in our community, even if it’s behind the phone on social media. Everyone is so willing to help and give recommendations! Last week I asked you for help with Letter Recognition ideas and actives to do at home and on vacation over the Summer. Wow! So many great ideas were shared that I felt I had to share with all of you. I’m hoping that I can...

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Mom Hack: Daily Harvest Smoothies

I’m usually not one for frozen meal packages, and they typically get thrown out after I don’t touch them for a whole year… until I tried Daily Harvest smoothies. Like many of you, you’ve probably seen them along the way and wondered if you’d like them, or if they tasted good. I’m here to answer that for you – YES. YES. These smoothies are not only packed with good stuff for the body like superfoods, greens, veggies in all...

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Our Experience with Melatonin and Toddlers

Just like many of you, my toddler was struggling to fall asleep and would wake up multiple times during the night wanting Mommy to lay down and stay in her bed. She would only fall asleep if I was next to her laying in her bed. She seemed anxious about falling asleep on her own. She was overly tired during the day and naps were hit or miss depending on our schedules and her energy levels. I wasn’t getting much sleep because Mommy is...

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Skin Care & Beauty Favorites of 2018

            There is so much out there for skin care and it can be overwhelming. One thing I think I got right in 2018 is a tried-and-true skin care routine with non-toxic products. ALL of these products are toxin-free! I made a huge effort to switch to products without harmful chemicals, and the products actually work better than anything I’ve tried! Here’s a recap of my favorite skin care and beauty...

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Essential Oils and Motherhood

  I’ve always put an emphasis on health in my life (Fun Fact: I used to have a blog with one of my best friends called Two Clean Girls – ha!) and it’s no different now that I have two little ones running the show. Like you, my kids are always coming home with a new sniffle and I’m always fighting something after having 2 baby’s in under 2 years. Enter Oils. They have CHANGED the game. I feel so much better having them...

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Tired & True Etsy Shop – Holly Slay Handmade (Plus a Giveaway!)

I’ve wanted to share this Etsy Shop that I’ve used for gifts and for my own kids over the last couple of year. The shop is Holly Slay Handmade and she specializes in handmade tea sets, but there are a ton of other options she can personalize – birthday plates, ornaments, holiday decor and more! I have loved everything she’s done so much that I reached out to her and she has offered to give away a personalized “Santa’s Cookies...

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