Meet Kaity | Hyde Park Moms

What’s your favorite thing about living in Hyde Park?
I have to pick just one thing? For sure the walkability of HP, Oakley, and Mt. Lookout. It’s hard to imagine living elsewhere because it’s so easy to get around, and it’s such an intimate community.
Child(ren) and Age(s)?
We have a son, Paxton, who is two, and he will be getting a little sister in May!
Favorite things to do with your kids around town (can be outside of HP)?
My husband and I love to take Pax to MadTree Brewing. Matt is MadTree’s Director of Brewing Operations, so you could say that we’re there quite a bit. Pax has a “routine” when we go–we “see the robot move” (it’s the canning line’s robot), honk the horn on the forklift, and see the “bubbles” which are made by the CO2 released by the fermenters into barrels of water. Pax has a blast running around there and eating the pizza at Catch-a-Fire. We also love to go to the Oakley Park that was re-done recently. The tandem swing is the best!
Do you have a favorite local store, fitness class or restaurant and why?
My husband and I can be found at Dutch’s or getting their take out at least once a week. My sister, Allie, is General Manager/Event Planner/Bartender/Booze Buyer there, so we love to walk up and visit her. Plus, the food and drink is AMAZING. Also have to give a shoutout to Frank and Stacey at Fleetfeet in Oakley–incredible knowledge and service!
Are you involved in a business venture, a local organization, a creative endeavor, or in the corporate world? Please share!
I have worked at TriHealth for over six years in our Workplace Wellbeing & Fitness Division, doing onsite wellness and fitness for a number of different companies in the city. Currently, I serve as the Wellness & Coaching Coordinator for the student population at Xavier University as part of the new partnership between the two organizations. I’m also a group fitness instructor, and I was teaching a couple of different HIIT classes at Bella Forza for the past several years. I’m incredibly passionate about helping people on their wellness journey, especially as a health coach and fitness instructor.
How has this community been instrumental in getting you to where you are now?
Hyde Park is an active community, and that makes it so much easier to live a balanced life. It’s incredibly motivating to see people out walking or running, whether it’s 90 and humid in the summer or below zero in the winter. Even though it is closed now, Bella Forza Fitness helped me see that exercise can be fun, and I really came into my own as an instructor there as well.
Tips for Balancing it all? Motherhood, career, family and social life?
I”m a big believer in taking time for yourself and asking for help when you need it. I make exercise a priority because I can’t do my best as a wife, mom, friend, or co-worker without it. To fit it in, I depend on help my husband and our parents as well. We are also really lucky that both sets of grandparents are in town and love to babysit. I think if you can make standing dates with your spouse or with friends, that makes it much easier to stay in touch and getting some adult time.
As for career, my work has always been important to me. It can be hard to drop Pax off at daycare every day, especially when I first went back after maternity leave, but I see work as time for myself, and my way to serve others. A lot of parents tend to put everyone else first, especially their kids, and it’s an understandable instinct. But I want parents to see that in order to take care of others, they also have to take care of themselves! We want our kids to be healthy and live their best lives, and if they see us modeling healthy behaviors, they will be much more successful. If time is a factor, get your family involved! Cook together and be active together–grab your adult coloring book, get on the floor, and color with your kids to help reduce stress.
What is the best advice you have received as a mom?
Ask for help when you need it, and pay it forward when you can. Love yourself as much as you love your kids.
What is the best advice you would like to give to a new mom?
Motherhood is messy and hard and beautiful and perfectly imperfect. You might get whiplash from the emotions you experience as a mother. One minute, your kid will be doing something so amazing and sweet, and the next, you have to walk away or you might just scream. A second later, he’ll ask to snuggle with you, and you melt all over again. It’s normal, and it’s okay. We are all trying to figure out this parenthood thing, one minute at a time. Follow your instincts, express gratitude, and take lots of deep breaths. Most importantly, even superheroes need help sometimes, so asking for help does not mean you’re failing. It means you are wise and brave and strong.

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