Travel Guide: Leland Michigan

If you follow me on social media, you know I spent a great amount of my Summer in Northern Michigan in a town called Leland on Lake Leelanau. I’ve been going there for family vacations ever since I was little and my parents finally bought a place a few years ago – this was always their dream! I can honestly say this spot is one of my favorite places on Earth – lots of happy, easy-going vibes in this part of the US! Here is...

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When was the last time you cleaned your appliances?

To stay at our healthiest, we all try to treat our bodies well. When we’re keeping on top of that goal, we’re working out regularly, fueling up with the right foods, sleeping enough and getting checked out at a yearly physical. And just like keeping a maintenance routine helps a body stay at peak performance, our appliances do best when treated with a little TLC, too. As you put together your “back to school” to do list, consider...

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Kitchen Remodeling Tips, From a Pro

Summer means pool time, cook-outs, and drinks on the porch, but for Laney and her team at Reusch Interior Design it also means remodeling season! Behind bathrooms, kitchen remodels are their most requested service and for good reason—a newly remodeled kitchen packs the biggest punch for both home enjoyment & resale, but they can also be the most challenging to design and the most costly remodel to conquer. Check out some of their...

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Reviews are IN! Make Evolve Shoes Your Summer Go-To’s for Extra Energy & Style

Running after kids in the summer—from toddlers to teens—we are constantly looking for go-to shoes that are as comfortable as they are stylish. That’s why we’re loving the new Evolve Footwear line, which has patented energy return technology (in short, a responsive footbed to give you a mini energy boost with each step!). Designed to help moms with all we do every day, from the playground to work, school meetings and more, the...

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The Local Moms Network Summer Reading

If we’re being real here, summer reading for moms can be a bit of a pipe dream, particularly for those of us who have young kids (as in, you need to be 100 percent focused on them to keep them alive). Or kids with crazy sports schedules. Or full-time jobs. Etc., etc. But when your kids are at camp/sleeping/playing/slightly older or otherwise occupied, losing yourself in a good book can be like taking a mini-vacay without leaving your...

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How to Tackle Picky Eating – ABC Pediatric Therapy

We’ve teamed up with ABC Pediatric Therapy this year to give Moms the knowledge they need to know about child development and how to deal with tough topics, like picky eating. It can be so easy to over-worry about what your child is and is not eating and it feels overwhelming and lonely at times. We’ve put together some knowledge on the subject for you and ways you can help your child start eating a variety of foods. Did you know by 3...

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